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    title FULL GEAR
    sub-title Collectors guide on US flying clothing from 1920s thru 1970s
    author Aota Mituhiro
    price SOLD OUT
    pages 168 FULL COLLOR
    size 18cm x 26cm
    (7 1/2inch x 8 3/8inch)
    DTP Kazi Co Ltd
    publish date October 26, 2005
    language Japanese
    (Tables & captions are written in English.)

    1-Early Aviation Clothing
    2-U.S.Army & U.S.A.F
    3-U.S.Navy & U.S.M.C
    4-Other Flying Clothing

    >> Click to enlarge
    Front page of the chapter on early aviation clothing. Page on the right shows a B-1 suit with Chinese dog fur lining dated 1918.

    Every item shows as much detail as possible.
    1st. and 2nd. patterns of AAC's B-1 jackets in the early 1930's. The right one still has the original pocket on the left breast.

    Every item is listed with its contract/order number, guessed fiscal year, manufacturer's name, and some more information.
    1st. and 3rd. patterns of early A-2 trousers which were originally made for a complete outfit with the B-2 jacket. The left one has silk pile lining and the other has wool blanket lining.
    Early rare B-3s with 1937 and 1938 dated labels.
    B-15 and A-11 outfits with nylon shell around 1950. The secrets of OD color have just been revealed.
    Extremely rare Navy jackets from the 1930's are introduced as well as later G-1 jackets.
    Navy's unpopular flying clothing is also listed as possible.
    Samples of commercial flying jackets in 1930's. Button front A-2 style jacket and famous 'Rough wear clothing' leather jacket, etc...
    Also shows some non-flying clothing from the 1930's with little information included from origanal catalogues.

    For over 25 years, I have been a researcher and collector of vintage US flying clothing. My interests are both of US Army (Air Force) and US Navy, especially the items in 1920-1930's. I published a book on them at my own cost in Japanese language with some valuable information that I have researched at NARA, archives in NASM and other famous museums in US.

    Below is a detailed brief description of my book.

    <Characteristics of my book>
    • a bird's eye view of vintage flying clothing
    • a focus on 'when was it made?
      --although ordinal collectors are interested in decorated
      jackets, I dare not to focus on them--
    • all the collections that have never talked in other books
      (except a jacket which was on "Art of the Flight Jacket")
      --a dozen of Japanese and the U.S. amateur collectors have offered their collections with a lot of willingness and understanding, and have been excited withmy concepts--
    • many rarely found items
      --such as B-1 jackets (early 1930's) and B-1 monkey suit
      (dated 1918)--
    • guessed their fiscal years from thousands of contract (or order) numbers
    • over 300 of flying clothing
    • over 800 color photos
    • dozens of 1920-1930's valuable, unpublished B/W photos and about 70 scanned documents such as specifications, etc.
    • specific information of old zippers from a viewpoint of a zipper expert
      --I am also preparing the book about zippers--

    The photographer was myself. I got training from a professional photographer before starting this project. 

    Q1. Are you going to publish English edition?
    A. Yes, I'm planning to do that via an American publisher, however, I have no idea when it will be published. I hope I would finish it until the end of 2007. No, I will not publish English edition for now. (June 2006)

    Q2. Would you ship your book outside Japan?
    A. It depends on your country. I ship it to US, Canada and European countries. No exception, sorry. Regarding payment, I accept only International Money Order in Japanese currency. Please remember that the most part of my book is described in Japanese except for tables and captions of the photos.

    Q3. How can I buy your book? ( In Europe? -> SEE HERE )
    A. -Email us your address in order to estimate its shipping cost. info@fullgear.net
    -Send us an international money order in amount of the total in Japanese currency via a registered mail. (Sorry NO credit card for now)
    -After arrival of the money order, we will ship it soon. It takes about 7-10 days to get to you.

    Q4. How did you guess the fiscal year of each contract/order number ?
    A. I have been compiling thousand of contract/order numbers that were seen on the labels of the each item actually. I guess the coverage of my compiled data would be over 95%. Sometimes you can find its date on small tabs or on un-issued package of the contract number. And published dates of specifications are also useful to fix their range of the contract date.ŽŹ This is how I guess every contract numbers' fiscal year. Anyway, remember that span of the fiscal year of US government before 1976 was from July 1st. to June 30th. So if a guessed fiscal year is 1940, the contract date might be 1939 or 1940.

    Q5. Do you have retail catalogs of the items?
    A. No. Basically I don't sell items at present time.

    Q6. May I use your data or photos on a publishing book or on a web site?
    A. You can use them when you get prior permission and proper credit to "FULLGEAR.net".

    Q7. I have some rare items. Would you buy them?
    A. I don't buy items. If you can find it on Bell's Aviation's want list, please contact them.
    Bell's Aviation...http://bellsaviation.com/

    (C)Aota Mituhiro